Tierbefreiungsaktivist zu 5 Jahren verurteilt

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Tierbefreiungsaktivist Walter Bond zu 5 Jahren Haft verurteilt

Der Tierbefreiungsaktivist Walter Bond wurde am 11.Februar 2011 zu fünf Jahren Gefängnis und anschließenden drei Jahren mit Bewährungsauflagen verurteilt.Ihm wird vorgeworfen er habe einen Brandanschlag auf eine Lederfabrik verübt. Walter ist seit 15 Jahren Aktivist in Tierbefreiungs- und antikapitalistischen Zusammenhängen.

Walter Edmund Bond wird beschuldigt die Sheepskin Factory in April niedergebrannt zu haben. Das Feuer verursachte einen Schaden von $500.000 an dem unversicherten Gebäude und seinem Inventar. Der Richter ordnete an ihn seit seiner Festnahme im Juli 2010 bis zum Prozess festzuhalten. Walter sitzt im Jefferson County Jail in Golden, Colorado.

Bond galt ebenfalls als Verdächtiger bei zwei weiteren Brandanschlägen der Animal Liberation Front: bei der Tandy Lederfabrik in Salt Lake City ($20.000 Schaden), und dem foie gras Restaurant Tiburon in Sandy, Utah ($10.000 Schaden).

Nach seiner Verurteilung bekundete Walter vor Gericht, dass er seine Taten weder bereue noch dass er Angst habe vor der Autorität des Gerichts. Er versicherte den Betreiber_innen der Lederfabrik und dem Gericht sie hätten nicht gewonnen und ihm  könne die Haftstrafe nur wenig ausmachen. Er beendete seine Schlussworte mit einem Plädoyer für die Animal Liberation Front (ALF). Seine Rede in Originalsprache siehe unten.

Mit der Inhaftierung von Walter hat die Tierbefreiungsbewegung einen weiteren Schlag staatlicher Repression erlitten. Die Behörden irren sich, wenn sie glauben die Bewegung ließe sich dadurch lahmlegen. Das Gegenteil wird der Fall sein. Der Kampf für die Befreiungs von Menschen und allen nichtmenschlichen Tieren wird so lange weitergehen, so lange es Ausbeutung und Herrschaft gibt.

Unterstützt Walter, schreibt ihm und macht Soliaktionen.

Walter Bond  # P01051760
PO Box 16700
Golden, CO 80402-6700


Final Statement to the Court

„I’m here today because I burnt down the Sheepskin Factory in Glendale, CO, a business that sells pelts, furs and other dead animal skins. I know many people think I should feel remorse for what I’ve done. I guess this is the customary time where I’m suppose to grovel and beg for mercy. I assure you if that’s how I felt I would. But, I am not sorry for anything I have done. Nor am I frightened by this court’s authority. Because any system of law that values the rights of the oppressor over the down trodden is an unjust system. And though this court has real and actual power, I question its morality. I doubt the court is interested in the precautions that I took to not harm any person or by-stander and even less concerned with the miserable lives that sheep, cows and mink had to endure, unto death, so that a Colorado business could profit from their confinement, enslavement, and murder.

Obviously, the owners and employees of the sheepskin factory do not care either or they would not be involved in such a sinister and macabre blood trade. So I will not waste my breath where it will only fall on deaf ears. That’s why I turned to illegal direct action to begin with, because you do not care. No matter how much we animal rights activists talk or reason with you, you do not care. Well, Mr. Livaditis (owner of the Sheepskin Factory), I don’t care about you. There is no common ground between people like you and me. I want you to know that no matter what this court sentences me to today, you have won nothing! Prison is no great hardship to me. In a society that values money over life, I consider it an honor to be a prisoner of war, the war against inter-species slavery and objectification! I also want you to know that I will never willingly pay you one dollar, not one! I hope your business fails and you choke to death on every penny you profit from animal murder! I hope you choke on it and burn in hell!

To my supporters, I wish to say thank you for standing behind me and showing this court and these animal exploiters that we support our own and that we as a movement are not going to apologize for having a sense of urgency. We are not going to put the interests of commerce over sentience! And we will never stop educating, agitating and confronting those responsible for the death of our Mother Earth and her Animal Nations. My vegan sisters and brothers our lives are not our own. Selfishness is the way of gluttons, perverts and purveyors of injustice. It has been said all it takes for evil to conquer is for good people to do nothing. Conversely, all it takes to stop the enslavement, use, abuse and murder of other than human animals is the resolve to fight on their behalf!

Do what you can, do what you must, be vegan warriors and true animal defenders and never compromise with their murderers and profiteers. The Animal Liberation Front is the answer. Seldom has there been such a personally powerful and internationally effective movement in human history. You cannot join the A.L.F. but you can become the A.L.F. And it was the proudest and most powerful thing I have ever done. When you leave this courtroom today don’t be dismayed by my incarceration. All the ferocity and love in my heart still lives on. Every time someone liberates an animal and smashes their cage, it lives on! Every time an activist refuses to bow down to laws that protect murder, it lives on! And it lives on every time the night sky lights up ablaze with the ruins of another animal exploiters‘ business!

That’s all Your Honor, I am ready to go to prison.“

Walter Bond